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Displays the current confidence level of a player's team making the playoffs (season) or winning their next game (daily). Only players on teams that make the playoffs or win their game will retain their share value. Factor in this percentage to make riskier or more conservative portfolio moves.

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Players with lower dilution have less overall shares owned and thus their individual shares stand a better chance to gain more value. The dilution bar represents whether a player is currently less owned (in green) or more highly owned (in red) overall.

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Less owned players will see higher increases in share prices due to less dilution. The following shows the percentage of total shares bought for each team in their respective markets.

NFL Season Dilution

There are no NFL Season Markets at this time.

NFL Daily Dilution

 TeamDilutionWin %Most Popular
Los Angeles Chargers 15% 90% Justin Jackson
New York Giants 11% 63% Giants Defense
Green Bay Packers 10% 67% Davante Adams
New Orleans Saints 8% 80% Mark Ingram
Carolina Panthers 6% 52% Christian Mccaffrey
Kansas City Chiefs 6% 72% Patrick Mahomes
New England Patriots < 5% 78% Patriots Defense
Buffalo Bills < 5% 66% Bills Defense
Chicago Bears < 5% 44% Mitch Trubisky
Indianapolis Colts < 5% 33% Andrew Luck
Philadelphia Eagles < 5% 39% Zach Ertz
San Francisco 49ers < 5% 36% Jeffery Wilson
Cleveland Browns < 5% 50% Nick Chubb
Denver Broncos < 5% 66% Case Keenum
Detroit Lions < 5% 58% Lions Defense
Los Angeles Rams < 5% 59% Todd Gurley
Atlanta Falcons < 5% 35% Julio Jones
Houston Texans < 5% 69% Deshaun Watson
Pittsburgh Steelers < 5% 84% Antonio Brown
Tampa Bay Buccaneers < 5% 23% Adam Humphries
Washington Redskins < 5% 39% Mark Sanchez
Arizona Cardinals < 5% 45% Ricky Seals-jones
Cincinnati Bengals < 5% 13% Joe Mixon
Oakland Raiders < 5% 19% Jalen Richard
Dallas Cowboys < 5% 64% Ezekiel Elliott
Miami Dolphins < 5% 25% Ryan Tannehill
New York Jets < 5% 37% Jets Defense
Baltimore Ravens < 5% 30% Gus Edwards

MLB 2018 Season Dilution

 TeamDilutionPlayoff %Most Popular
Boston Red Sox 69% 100% Jackie Bradley Jr.
Los Angeles Dodgers 30% 0% Manny Machado

MLB Daily Dilution

There are no MLB Daily Markets at this time.

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