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How to Play NHL Daily

Enter the number of shares you want to buy for a player. Once you have your line-up set, you're ready to buy your shares.
You can buy low and sell high during the games or set it and forget it - either way you're in the game!
Players on teams that win their game retain share value. When the market closes your account balance is updated!

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"I just stumbled across your site in a google search for a new fantasy league and WOW! This is pure genius! I'm a huge daily fantasy guy and just got into the crypto world and your site brings all that together."
"This is way better than losing my money on Draft Kings and Fan Duel every week!"
"This is such a fantastic idea! I love the daily and season options to keep me entertained for the entire season.

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We have daily and season-long markets for NHL and MLB.
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A new way to play fantasy sports

  • Buy, sell or trade your favourite athletes just like stocks on a stock market
  • Season-long, daily and other playing options with cross-sport trading available
  • Daily cash payouts or Season-long markets; frequency of play is completely scalable to your preference
  • Fantasy baseball and hockey games currently available for season and daily markets

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is the IPO?

The initial public offering (IPO) phase is the period in which an unlimited number of player shares can be purchased.

+ What determines a player’s share value?

The PlayerSX algorithm uses a predictive model to try and forecast a player’s points output for the market session, and then factors in the odds of their team making the playoffs (seasonal markets) or winning their game (daily markets). That grade is then compared to other players of the same position and adjusted for the number of overall shares of that player, to determine their estimated share value.

+ Does every player retain their share value?

No. Only players on teams that make the playoffs (seasonal markets) or win their game (daily markets) will retain their share value at the time of payout. When the market closes, the money from players of teams that lose (daily markets) or fail to make the playoffs (seasonal markets) will be absorbed by the winning side of the market.

+ How is the payout amount calculated?

The final payout amount for each player is influenced by their performance compared to other players in their position, the amount of money absorbed from the losing market, and the total number of player shares owned.

The Best Fantasy Hockey Site for
Fun Daily and Season Play

A New NHL Fantasy Hockey League

Play daily and season-league style fantasy sports games similar to how you would the stock market. Sound complicated? It isn’t! PlayerSX has NHL fantasy hockey league options for season-long and daily market games, just like your favourite fantasy sites. The difference? You don’t need a season long commitment, and by monitoring player values you can buy or sell in simple transactions to maximize the value of your portfolio. With our unique and easy to use online fantasy sports website, you can trade across all sports. That means you can trade NHL fantasy hockey players in any number or combination to create the ultimate fantasy team. And with even more of your favourite sports coming soon, PlayerSX truly is one of the best fantasy sites online today.

Play Fantasy Hockey Online

At PlayerSX, you can effortlessly create your best fantasy sports team, or portfolio as you would call it at a stock market, but instead of buying shares in companies, you buy shares of your favourite fantasy hockey players. Don’t worry – you don’t need a stockbroker or previous experience working as a financial advisor to play on PSX. All you should really know is how to play fantasy sports—but we can help you with that too. Our built-in fantasy tools show you how to do research, explain what each item means, and even show you which NHL fantasy hockey players are currently trending. Short on time? Don’t worry – you don’t need to spend every waking minute on our site. How often you play doesn’t necessarily affect your potential for success.

Try it out today – get warmed up with a daily market or jump right in with a season-long market. You might just surprise yourself with how well your portfolio performs!!


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