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Enter the number of shares you want to buy for a player. Once you have your line-up set, you're ready to buy your shares.
You can buy low and sell high during the games or set it and forget it - either way you're in the game!
Players on teams that win their game retain share value. When the market closes your account balance is updated!


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Daily NBA Fantasy Leagues

Select a dream team of athletes each day and build your ultimate fantasy NBA DFS basketball team. Play daily or just once in a while; how often you play is up to you. Think of it like picking the best stocks on the stock market. On the PSX, you get cash payouts for all your players on winning NBA teams. Experience a new daily NBA fantasy league with the PlayerSX NBA stock exchange.
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"I just stumbled across your site in a google search for a new fantasy league and WOW! This is pure genius! I'm a huge daily fantasy guy and just got into the crypto world and your site brings all that together."
"This is way better than losing my money on typical DFS sites every week!"
"This is such a fantastic idea! I love the daily and season options to keep me entertained for the entire season.

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A Season-Long NBA Fantasy Game

Try out a new style of fantasy basketball sports where you create a team of your favourite NBA fantasy stars before the season during the IPO, then let your portfolio grow throughout the season. Buy, trade, or sell shares of players with other fantasy teams, but keep in mind only those players on NBA teams that reach the playoffs will retain share value for market payouts. Start building your NBA stock market portfolio today, before the IPO closes.
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Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is the IPO?

The initial public offering (IPO) phase is the period in which an unlimited number of player shares can be purchased.

+ What determines a player’s share value?

The PlayerSX algorithm uses a predictive model to try and forecast a player’s points output for the market session, and then factors in the odds of their team making the playoffs (seasonal markets) or winning their game (daily markets). That grade is then compared to other players of the same position and adjusted for the number of overall shares of that player, to determine their estimated share value.

+ Does every player retain their share value?

No. Only players on teams that make the playoffs (seasonal markets) or win their game (daily markets) will retain their share value at the time of payout. When the market closes, the money from players of teams that lose (daily markets) or fail to make the playoffs (seasonal markets) will be absorbed by the winning side of the market.

+ How is the payout amount calculated?

The final payout amount for each player is influenced by their performance compared to other players in their position, the amount of money absorbed from the losing market, and the total number of player shares owned.

Online NBA Fantasy Basketball Money Leagues

Modern NBA Fantasy League Options

PlayerSX provides NBA DFS enthusiasts a new way of participating in daily fantasy basketball or trying out a more exciting seasonal NBA fantasy league style. With PlayerSX’s options for rewarding and entertaining season-long and daily fantasy NBA DFS basketball, there is a special twist: instead of old-school daily fantasy sports basketball, players on PSX need to buy and sell player stocks on a virtual online NBA stock exchange. With our simple NBA daily fantasy basketball leagues, you get exclusive access to an exciting paid fantasy basketball league – without a season-long commitment. Simply buy, trade, or sell players to increase the value of your portfolio, and expand your real money fantasy basketball pool payout. With our revolutionary NBA fantasy sports format, track your players’ stock value and either keep or trade them to create the most valuable NBA fantasy basketball team.

NBA Fantasy Basketball For Money

At PlayerSX, you can create the ideal seasonal or daily fantasy basketball portfolio by buying shares of NBA fantasy pool players. But you don’t need to have a financial advisor to help you play on PSX. All you need to know is how to play NBA fantasy sports—and we can help guide you. Our resources show you how to play, how to make trades, what our scoring formulas mean, and we even give you tips on how to maximize your payout. And unlike other NBA daily fantasy basketball leagues, you don’t need to keep checking in on your team multiple times a day. You still have the potential to win big even if you don’t monitor your portfolio throughout the market session. Give it a try today!


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