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Displays the current confidence level of a player's team making the playoffs (season) or winning their next game (daily). Only players on teams that make the playoffs or win their game will retain their share value. Factor in this percentage to make riskier or more conservative portfolio moves.

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Players with lower dilution have less overall shares owned and thus their individual shares stand a better chance to gain more value. The dilution bar represents whether a player is currently less owned (in green) or more highly owned (in red) overall.

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PlayerSX appreciates the need to be careful with and protect the confidentiality and identity of its Players. This includes but is not limited to, all information that is collected as a consequence of your participation and interaction with the Site and/or PlayerSX staff. PlayerSX will not, unless required by law or to provide you with improved services, knowingly distribute or allow access to this information by any person, entity and/or group outside of PlayerSX’s operations.

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The number you requested would put your portfolio at a disadvantage, and the risk would outweight the benefit. A diversified portfolio consisting of multiple players and teams is recommended to maximize your potential winnings.

Putting all your eggs in one basket is also possible, just not at the size you requested. Please enter a lower number of shares or check back again soon to see if the market has adjusted and can accept your request.



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+ Do I need an account to play on PlayerSX?

To participate on the PlayerSX website you must register for an account, be legally allowed to play in your country/state, and agree to the site’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

+ How do I sign up for a PlayerSX account?

Visit the Register page to create an account and start setting up your profile. You will be guided through the setup process. If you are unable to create an account due to age or regulatory restrictions in your country/state, you will not be allowed participate in PlayerSX at this time.

+ How do I access my PlayerSX account?

In order to view or manage your user account and portfolio, you must be signed in to the PlayerSX website. Visit the Log In page to gain access. If you do not have an account you must register for one.

+ What happens if I forgot my account password?

If you have forgotten your PlayerSX account password, you may reset it. You will need to enter the email address you used to sign up for the account, and a reset password link will be sent to that email address. Please add info@playersx.com to your address book or mark as a “safe sender” to ensure PlayerSX emails do not go to your junk or spam folder. You can also change your PlayerSX account password at any time.

Account Management

+ How do I enable or change my email notifications?

You can choose the types of PlayerSX email notifications you receive as well as their frequency. Update Your Email Preferences using your account settings so you can manage the notifications and make sure they work best for you.

+ How do I deposit or withdraw funds?

You can deposit funds or withdraw funds from your PlayerSX account using your account settings. Note that you must have a minimum balance of $50.00 USD in your PlayerSX account in order to withdraw funds. You also must have a valid account. All funds on PlayerSX are in USD, unless it is specifically stated otherwise.

+ Why do I need to provide my personal information for an account?

PlayerSX requires only the personal information that is mandated by regulations or to participate and interact with the site and PlayerSX staff. PlayerSX appreciates the need to protect the confidentiality and identity of its Players. PlayerSX will not, unless required by law or to provide you with improved services, knowingly distribute or allow access to this information by any person, entity and/or group outside of PlayerSX’s operations. For more information, please read the full PlayerSX Privacy Policy.

+ Does this site use real money?

Yes. The amounts and values shown on PlayerSX reflect actual currency value, currently the United States Dollar (USD), unless it is specifically stated otherwise. To complete player share purchase, trade, or sale transactions, you must have an active account, as well as an adequate balance, if applicable.

Game Play

+ How does PlayerSX work?

PlayerSX is a virtual online player stock exchange, where users can buy, sell or trade shares of professional athletes just like stocks on a real stock market. Some shares will provide a better return on investment than others, dependent upon several factors such as the performance of that athlete throughout the market session. Only shares of athletes on sports teams that move on to the post-season (seasonal markets) or win their game (daily markets) will retain a value and be paid out when the market closes.

+ What are 'Daily Markets'?

‘Daily Markets’, also called ‘Dailies’, refers to a special type of market session that is much shorter than the regular season-long (or ‘seasonal’) markets. This might include a single day session, a week-long session, or a post-season session that lasts for some other set amount of time. Currently on PlayerSX, NHL dailies are for Saturdays only, while NFL dailies are Sundays only. Please note these market formats are subject to change.

+ How often do I need to play in order to be successful?

PlayerSX was designed to be completely scalable to each user’s preferred playing frequency. This means you can choose to manage your portfolio and transactions as often as you like – as much as every day (even several times a day), on a weekly or semi-weekly basis, or as little as once throughout an entire seasonal market session. You can decide which approach is best for you – and even change it up at any time.

+ What is the best portfolio strategy?

PlayerSX is designed to meet the needs of many different users’ playing styles. This means that you can choose a more aggressive or “high-risk” portfolio, stick to a more conservative “low-risk” portfolio, or have a diversified portfolio that incorporates both strategies. Each method has its advantages and drawbacks, but only you can decide which strategy will afford you the most fun and potentially the most success.

+ Can I incorporate multiple sports/leagues in a single portfolio?

Yes! You can own player shares from any available, active league in your PlayerSX portfolio.

IPO Phase

+ What is the IPO?

The initial public offering (IPO) phase is the period in which an unlimited number of player shares can be purchased.

+ How long does the IPO last?

The IPO period varies for each sport and market, but typically ends during the second week of the regular season (seasonal markets) or before the first game of the day (daily markets). After the IPO has ended, player shares can only be bought, sold or traded between users, if they choose to do so.

+ Are there a limited number of shares per player?

During the initial IPO phase, no. There are unlimited shares available for each player. However, after the IPO has ended, the total number of shares available is fixed at the total amount purchased during the IPO. These player shares can then only be bought, sold, or traded between users during the regular season (seasonal markets).

Player Values & Payouts

+ What determines a player’s share value?

The PlayerSX algorithm uses a predictive model to try and forecast a player’s points output for the market session, and then factors in the odds of their team making the playoffs (seasonal markets) or winning their game (daily markets). That grade is then compared to other players of the same position and adjusted for the number of overall shares of that player, to determine their estimated share value.

+ How is the value of player shares determined during the season?

Current estimated share values suggest what the projected payout amount would be at that given moment and do not represent what the actual payout amount will be. However, the actual sale price of a player’s shares during the regular season (seasonal markets only) is determined solely by the buyer and seller. This free market concept means share values are affected by supply and demand as well as their perceived future value, so actual prices can fluctuate regardless of the current posted estimated share value.

+ Does every player retain their share value?

No. Only players on teams that make the playoffs (seasonal markets) or win their game (daily markets) will retain their share value at the time of payout. When the market closes, the money from players of teams that lose (daily markets) or fail to make the playoffs (seasonal markets) will be absorbed by the winning side of the market.

+ How is the payout amount calculated?

Only players on teams that make the playoffs (seasonal markets) or win their game (daily markets) will have their shares paid out. If a player’s team fails to do so, the payout amount for that player is $0.00 USD. For players on teams that make the playoffs (seasonal markets) or win their game (daily markets), the final payout amount for each share is influenced by the player’s performance compared to their PlayerSX prediction, the total amount of money absorbed from the losing market, and the total number of shares owned for that player.

+ Does the number of total shares purchased affect a player’s value?

Yes. Players with a larger number of shares purchased in the IPO phase will have their total value split more ways than a player who is less owned. Therefore, the final payout will be less than a similar player who is less owned. The PlayerSX algorithm ensures that a certain percentage of the share’s IPO value is retained, however, final payout amounts are directly related to the number of shares owned.

+ What happens if a player is traded to a different team?

The player’s estimated share value will be instantly affected based on the odds of their new team making the playoffs (seasonal markets) or winning their game (daily markets).

+ What happens if a player gets injured?

Share value is an estimation based on a player’s current performance, so an injured player’s share value will gradually decrease the more games that they miss.

Buying, Selling & Trading Shares

+ How do I sell or trade my player shares?

Selling and trading of player shares is possible through buy and sell orders. When a market is "active" and the IPO is complete, users are able to post orders for any player at a price of their choosing. Once there is a buyer or seller that matches your price, the sale is executed and reflected in your portfolio.

You can choose to sell as many of the shares you currently own as you’d like. Enter the price you would like to ask for each share, and the total asking price will be automatically calculated. Once you post the sell order, it will appear on the Player's order page and trading floor for every user to see.

You can also place a buy order on any player that is available in the market. Trades are executed in the order in which they were received and it is possible for a partial execution to occur (only a portion of the requested number of shares is fulfilled).

+ Can I buy players after the IPO closes?

Yes! You can place a buy order on any player from any available, active market and we will fulfill the order when there is a seller that matches your asking price. Simply visit our Markets page to view the trading floor for leagues that are currently in progress.

+ Can I cancel my buy and sell orders?

Yes! You are asked to select an expiry date when posting a buy or sell order which automatically cancels the request after the selected time period has passed.

You can also view and cancel all open orders by visiting the Season Trading Floor or Daily Trading Floor and clicking "cancel" on the order you no longer wish to place.

+ How do I cancel an order I’ve posted?

If you change your mind or make a mistake, you can cancel your sale/trade posting at any time. Just go to the Season Trading Floor or Daily Trading Floor, under the Open Orders section, find the order, and click the “Cancel” button.

+ How long will my buy/sell order appear for?

Once you post an order for player shares, your posting will immediately appear on the Trading Floor and the Player's order page, and will remain there until the time you’ve set it to expire, until your buy/sell has been accepted, or until the market closes, whichever happens first.

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